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Apps You Might Have Missed in 2014

There are millions of iOS apps out there and there are new coming out every day. It's absurd to review each and every application coming out, but there are some that deserve the attention. Still, you might have missed some of them. Here is a short list of the one of the best apps for 2014, which you might have missed.

Next Glass

This is a huge innovation for beer and wine drinkers. Many people are afraid of tasting something new, because they don't want to experiment. But with this app you can understand if this new brand will be good according to your taste. You simply scan the label and the app will tell you whether you will love the drink or not. It is all compared to your previous likes and some personal data.

And another better option – if you have shared friends, you can check if they will love the beer your buying. This is great if you are having a party.


This one is really hard to find in Google, but you will easily find it in the app store. It's like Uber, but for barbers. You book a local barber and he/she will come to do your haircut. Really sweet if you are a busy person with no free time.

The app is free, but there is a downside – the haircuts are really pricey. One session can start from $75, but you can make it for several people. Oh, and it's only for New Yorkers.


Speaking of ordering services and saving time, there is a new app on the London market called GoFantastic. If you don't have time to do your own chores, simply book them from your mobile phone. There are various services like cleaning, handyman, gardening, removals and more.

The app is free, but the services are paid (of course). So far it's evolving quite fast, but you can use it only in London. There are some rumours they will try to expand to Australia. Who knows…


Another game that combines art and fun together. This time it's not about the sound, but the visuals. The levels are basically inspired by paintings of modern artists. You are controlling a ball and you have to avoid obstacles. Really relaxing and pleasing, but like every arty thing, it's not free.

2 Cars

A free game that is perfect for your number two time. Although, you might get too concentrated on the game, instead of doing your work. You have to control the two cars (red and blue) at the same time and avoid from crashing.

Really simplistic game, but quite fun to play. Just because you are bad at it the first time, doesn't mean it's no good. Keep trying.

Dumb Ways to Die 2

Do you remember Dumb Ways to Die? Of course you do, because everybody used to play it. It is really fun and cute, even though those cute creatures died brutally, if you weren't good at the game.

Now there is a second game. There are even more dumb ways to die and they are all joyful and happy like in the first one.


The perfect organiser. It's a calendar and a to-do list in one. What's so special about this app? There is a very complex algorithm which calculates when your appointments and habits are most likely to happen, based on location, availability and most productive hours of the day.

It's so smart that it learns from your behaviour. The more you use it, the smarter it will get. This way you will be able to free some time for more important things and you will never be late with anything.


It is said that Pixelamor is the best photo editing software for iOS. It's not free, but if you image editor, this is the one to go for. The list of tools you can use is enormous. You can edit, create or even paint pictures.

You can even use Photoshop files and share your finished work with the internet.


With so many chat apps you can get confused what's good and what's bad. This one is a bit different from your Viber and WhatsApp. You don't only have the regular text and emoticon options, but you have the Wipe button. This allows you to delete the whole conversation, not only on your device, but on the decide of the person you are talking to. If you had this option on your Messenger, your life would be a lot simpler, don't you think?


Perfect for students who just don't get math. It will not help people get smarter, but it will help the world to have better answers to their equations. It will find that X everyone is talking about and it can even find the Y. It can't do the hardest calculations, but for simpler things, it's really effective.


This is a main competitor to 1Password. You can store all of your passwords at one place. No need to remember anything, just add it to the list and the app will remember it for you. And there is a build browser, so when you use it, the app will autofill all the necessary info. Really convenient.


Remember the classic snake game? It is one of the best mobile games ever. Even the simplest version on your first Nokia were absolutely superb. Now, you can install Grub and enjoy a modern version.

Of course, it has better graphics and since iPhones don't have buttons, you control the snake by moving your phone. You have to avoid the wolves (oh yes) and hedgehogs and eat apples to grow.


Not everyone had a penpal, but I hope you are familiar with the idea. You simply connect with some strange person, who is located somewhere around the world. You exchange info and you learn new things about countries and living there. Sometimes you can make real connections.

With this mobile app it's a lot easier than with writing letters. It's not as personal, but you can learn more and more things this way. There are photo challenges each day and week. This way you can learn new things about different spots around the world.

Is there some app you would like to share with the public? Tell us what 2014 apps people shouldn't miss.

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